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Burglary Statistics for the Corridor!

substationCedar Rapids-

Over the past five years the city has seen a steady decline in residential and business break-ins setting at least a five year low. In 2009 there were 1,217 reported burglaries and in 2013 there were 920. Even with the 2013 statistics, Cedar Rapids still averages around 2.5 break-ins a day!


The city of Hiawatha only took 63 burglary reports in 2009, 33 in 2013. They had a reported 57 burglaries in 2012 which was up 37 the year before with only a population of 7,135.


Marion decreased from 143 in 2009 to 123 in 2012 and 2013.

Iowa City-

A busy college town, with a population of around 71,000 people are seeing an increase in break-ins. Iowa City reported 305 burglaries in 2009 up to 358 in 2013. With an all-time high of 377 in 2012.


The city of Coralville, located right outside of Iowa City, saw an increase of break-ins over the past five years. 33 break-ins reported in 2010 and 58 reported in 2013.

North Liberty-

Reports of home and business break-ins more than doubled over the last five years! There were 18 reported in 2009 and 43 reported in 2013.


This is why home security systems and neighborhood watch programs are so important to you and the community.

A couple of things to look out for.  A lot of times burglars will hit the same house twice, the authorities also noticed that if Moline, Ill had a  burglary, that Coralville will more than likely have one the next day or had one the day before.

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