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I am building a new home. When should I get Elite Home Audio involved?

The sooner you can get EHA involved, the better. It is not uncommon that an A/V system will alter the home’s design in one way or another, such as making space in a closet for equipment or building a media shelving system. These changes are much easier and more cost effective to make early on in the process.

Can I include my A/V in my mortgage?

Yes. Elite Home Audio will work with your builder to include the A/V budget in your homes mortgage.

Can Elite Home Audio work with my builder/architect/interior designer?

Yes. EHA has been fortunate to work with many builders, architects and interior designers over the years and welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone associated with your project.

How much does a security system cost?

There is no set price for a security system and virtually no system is the same; however, most people are surprised at the affordability of the system that Elite Home Audio designs for them. At no cost to you, a EHA Security expert will come to your home or business and design a system that provides the most security for the best price.

Do I need a home phone line?

No. With the popularity of mobile phones, many homes are canceling their land line service. Consequently, Elite Home Audio incorporates cellular communicators to contact the monitoring facilities in the event of an alarm.

Can I view a security camera over the internet?

Yes! Using specialized recording hardware to capture the images of your home or business, Elite Home Audio’s surveillance cameras allow you to check on your property from anywhere, anytime.

Will I get a yard sign and window stickers for my home to alert potential burglars?

Yes. No one will pass by your home or business without knowing that is secured and monitored!


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